Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not humanly possible, or so I thought.

I've been working for UPS for 14+ years now and I didn't think things on my route would ever change. The way a typical route works is, they give you a certain amount of time to finish, depending on how heavy/light of a day you have. So say you go out and are expected to deliver that days load in 9 hrs, and actually finish the load in 8.5 hours, then you have run .50 under allowed, which in the eyes of UPS management (MGMT), is good. However, if you have the same "planned" day and finish it in more than 9 hours, then you are what they call over allowed, which , in today's climate, is not a good thing, no matter how little you run over allowed.
Anyways, all of this said, I have been running over allowed for quite some time, do to what I told MGMT was a bad time study of my route. MGMT wouldn't budge and kept telling me I was doing a bad job and needed to do a better job. I don't remember where or when it happened, but I went from running under allowed to over allowed. I kept doing the job the way I had always done and MGMT starting riding my butt to the point where they would ride with me every so often to see if I would improve with intimidation. In the end, they got the same result.

After my last ride along I was told that they had "virtually" re-time studied my route and that time would be added. This past week the new time study took affect and sure enough, I'm running under allowed again. So now, thanks to my MGMT team, I'm able to deliver my packages, get the job done and best of all, get home at a decent time to have some part in my family. So, here's the end of my day in pictures, yesterday and today, compliments of UPS.
My family and I went out to the front yard and rode the electric scooter, batted the ball in the front and back yards, swam in the pool, and ran around the golf course in the backyard. It was great to spend so much time with the family.
EGC on the Electric scooter
Me, launching the softball (blurred top right corner of the picture.
JAC dribbling the softball back with her feet
ALC and Sasha
AJC, Sasha and ALC
Baer catching his floppy frisbee
Baer whooped from chasing the ball and frisbee.
Baer gets love from Dad.
Mom thought this mushroom was a golfball when she saw it across the golf course.
I climbed up to the top of this almost hollowed out tree stump that was like 20 feet tall. Once at the top, MMC took pictures of me. As I positioned myself to climb down, my head was close to a hole in the stump and I could hear something breathing inside the hole. It sounded like either a nested bird or a snake that I had upset, what ever it was, I climbed down a whole lot faster than I climed up. I then had to help the girls climb up so they could here the sound that I heard.
Me, on top of the stump in the middle of the 9th green
Helping AJC down from the stump
ALC, terrified of me tugging on her from the bottom of the tree stump.

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