Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thankful, and now, back to work.

So my vacation week went really well. Got my braces, which are chewing the inside of my face as we speak. I also went to my 6 year old's Thanksgiving day feast, which was one week before Thanksgiving day. It was a good event, aside from the fact that the school had pajama day on the same day. We did eat really good though. The next day, Friday, I met my friend Cynthia and we ran 14 miles. I actually ran 12, as I took a shortcut so I could meet my 5 year old. We were going away to NYC for the weekend and I wanted to get one last good run in while I could.
We caught a Jet Blue flight from West Palm Beach at 11:10am and arrived in NYC, LaGuardia, at around 2:30pm. We ended up getting a Hotel as my brother's house was full for the weekend. We checked into the LaGuardia airport hotel and left quickly to go into the city so we could visit my Mom in the hospital. Mom is dying and has been in a persistent vegetative state for 3 1/2 years now. I spoke to the Dr. and he told me that she's got a bad case of pneumonia for which she is on 3 different meds. She also has congestive heart failure, due to the amount of excess fluid in her body and her diabetes is out of control. It saddens me that I have no control over this situation as my niece is in charge of her care. Personally I think it's time to let her go, but that's just me and my emotions.

After the hospital, which made EGC sad, we went to walk around NYC at night.
It was funny how she related

all her observations from her 5 year old height. She commented on the amount of litter on the floor and the huge piles of garbage on the sidewalk. Every time we saw a cab, she thought it would be the cash cab, that game show on the Discovery channel that we watch and have fun playing along with. The temp. dropped really quickly and before we knew it, it was dark and cold outside. I had her all bundled up and wore layers myself. We stopped at a huge candy store and bought her a souvenir lollipop. We also rode the subway and the Tram from Roosevelt Island, where my moms hospital is located. We ended the night with a slice of pizza and some Chinese food, that we took back to the hotel. We were actually quite tired and went to sleep very early that first day.

On day two we went into NYC's Times Square.
The temp. was 26-27 degrees with a windchill in the teens. We saw quite a few characters as we went strolling through the city. We saw Hoda Kodt from the Today show. We saw the Naked Cowboy, All that EGC said was gross. We saw this guy and this one and this guy too. All of them were out in the cold trying to make a buck. We went to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes, but the show was too expensive. We ended up at Rockerfeller center and saw the Ice Skaters and the huge Christmas tree that was being decorated.
After all of this we went to the Central Park Zoo and saw animals and Sea Lions. We then went into the park and climbed rocks and found a playground.
We really got a workout with all that we did, and it really kept us warm. We ended the second day with dinner at White Castle, which fit EGC just fine, though I ate way too much.

Day 3 and we were supposed to meet my sister and hangout downtown, maybe see a show or something. She ran late so I asked my brother to come get us. We went back to his house and ended up staying there till it was time to catch our flight. My sister ended up changing plans a bunch of times and I was like, Nah. EGC and I ate breakfast in a nice coffee shop and went to the movies to see Bolt in 3d, with my brother. Afterwards we had a huge spanish feast and before we knew, it was time to go to the airport. We didn't have to wait too long for our flight, but, we had to check EGC's bag because of the snow globes we bought from the M&M's world store. I'm glad that I didn't have to check my bag, which was stuffed with spanish food.

On the plane, we sat next to a guy that was drunk. He kept talking about how he thought Dan Marino was on our flight. I did my best to ignore him, as did EGC. We landed around 11:30pm and arrived home 45 mins later. EGC lost her first tooth on the Monday we got back from NYC. Funny thing is that we were all trying to loosen it at my brothers house the day before.

Thanksgiving week was fun as well. Work was pretty busy and I finally put my new pedals on my bike and started using my cycling shoes. Thanksgiving day came andwe were all supposed to go to a race in Palm Beach county. MMC decided that she wanted to go feed the homeless and I just said go, so as not to force her to do something she didn't want to do. SAC was down from Deltona and went with her and I took the girls to the race. I was hoping to run into someone I knew so I could run the 4 mile race, but I never found anyone in time. I signed the young girls up for the 100 yard dash. They all received T-Shirts and gifts. They also received medals for finishing the race. All in all we had fun. We also saw people that we know who ran the race, so we stood by and took pictures.
Afterwards we played in this really nice park and then went out for breakfast at Denny's. Everyone ate really well, cleaned their plates actually and breakfast came to less than $13.

After a nap, we went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. We had the typical Cuban Thanksgiving; Roast pork shoulder, rice and black beans, yuca, and tostones, guess you had to be there. There was even a Cuban Christmas tree. We had a really good time with my wife's family . Her sister and friend were there as well as her parents. We ended up staying pretty late, also. My 19 year old birthday girl brought her own car and ended up leaving early for the long drive back to her moms house. The next day, Black Friday, I volunteered to work. I got paid double time, which should really help us out, bill wise. Traffic was a bit hectic but hey, I got my full 8 hours, which was the point of working this day. I even made home in time to play with the girls. I woke up early Saturday morning and went for a 20 mile run with my friend Jamie. This was the longest I have ever run and was I ever sore afterwards. Instead of going home and napping I ended up washing the dogs. I gave them all a good scrubbing, as they were really stinky and dirty. Saturday night we went to my visit my foster dad, who's in an assisted living facility. My sister from Georgia was in town for the holiday with her husband and daughter. My other sister and her hubby were there as well. We went out to eat after visiting dad and met up with my niece and her family and it turned out to be a great time for all. Sunday we went to church and out for breakfast with my in-laws. The message at church was rebuilding, and man did Pastor Tom have a lot to say on the subject. After breakfast, MMC's brother wanted to go to downtown Stuart to walk near the river, I opted out and came home, cleaned the garage and waited for the girls and we all took a long nap.

Couple of cold fronts have come through keeping the high temps in the 70's. Rode my bike to work on Monday and drove Tuesday. Tuesday I met my friend Cynthia at the Y. We went for a 17 mile run which was fun, but left me quite sore for the rest of the work day. That's it, I'm caught up and so are you. I really need to stay on top of this.


doodlebugmom said...

You write long posts! I agree, naked cowboy = gross! Thats the biggest cat I have ever seen! I love all your pictures, keep sharing them.

Kristopher (KC) Cortes said...


I am deeply saddened, but relieved in my sweet aunt's passing. I am sorry to see her go, but relieved to know that she is no longer suffering.

She was a GREAT friend! I love her so very much. I miss our trips on the Staten Island Ferry; for no other reason but to go for a spin on the water. She was so full of life and love, when I got to spend time with her in my teenage years. She would strike up conversations with complete strangers as we would walk around the city. She was such a "Crazy Lady"! That was my Aunt Hilda.

May God's perpetual light and love embrace her for all eternity.